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Something you should know about NST

Hello everyone,

Let me tell you some interesting things about NST(Nepalese Sing Together).
When NST was founded in 1st NOV 2015, Smule wasn’t as advanced as it is now. There were no such features to communicate with others, very few nepalese users were in smule, huge lack of tracks for nepali songs and so on. That’s why NST founder Vess Gurung took the step to unite and organize all Nepelese smule singers and created a facebook group by giving name Nepalese Smule Sing Group(NSSG). Since it was an early stage, the group didn’t make progress as expected. After that, keeping aims to give an own unique identity to Nepalese Smule users, we added Rakshya Bhandari and Shanti Tamang Pakhrin as Founders and renamed the Group to Nepalese Smule Singer(NSS) .NSS took speed slowly, more members were added. Smule also did upgrade some features. we could text to others and also could chat by creating a group of up to 26 peoples. We started growing, more members started joining the group, we decided we need a better communication medium to interact with our members. That’s why we all decided to use LINE App and change group name from NSS to Nepalese Sing Together (NST). This is how NST was founded. As it is said, human beings learn some lessons from their mistakes, exactly we surpassed through them and resolved those issues and figured out some ways not to repeat those mistakes again. Then, NST took speed rapidly. Talented and brilliant members started to join the group, new ideas and concepts were born. We were the first group to design and develop our own T-shirt in the history of Smule based singing group. Things weren’t limited to that, official Facebook page, YouTube channel and own website www.nepalesest.com were registered in order to enlarge our approach in social media. Anthem song which represents NST was written, composed and recorded by our own members whose music video was also released and is now available in YouTube.We strongly believe that NST is not about only singing, it is about uniting and interacting all music lovers around the world. We didn’t want to limit our communication and interaction options to online. Thinking it’s better to interact in real world face to face, we organized several social Get-Togethers in different places around the world. The great thing is, we arranged and organized Mega event and Musical event with grand success and we became successful to give NST a recognition in society. To assimilate into social works, NST raised and donated about 1 lakh 65 Thousand Nepali rupees to Dhurmus Suntali Foundation as a relief for flood victims in Terai this year. From the beginning to till date NST presented more than six musical contests successfully and will continue to improve and further our musical journey together in upcoming days. Lastly, I want to say that it would NOT have been possible without the passion and support of all of our members, leaders, judges, advisors, and Founder friends. All of your contribution and hard work has paid off and I am sure that we will be working together to achieve NST’s vision and goal. I wish you all the best. Keep singing.