‘मेरा नि केही कमजोरी थिए’ सार्वजनिक, (भिडियाेसहित)

‘मेरा नि केही कमजोरी थिए’ गीत सार्वजनिक भएको छ । लामो समय देखि इटालीमा बसोबास गर्दै आएका गणेश आचार्यको शब्द सृजना रहेकेा याे गीतमा गायक निलम राईकाे स्वर र इन्द्र गुरुङको लय रहेको छ । निखिल उदासको लगानीमा निर्माण गरिएको म्युजिक भिडियोमा सीता राई , बिक्रम योङ्हाङ र हान्नाह बान्तवाको उत्कृष्ट अभिनय रहेको छ । […]

NST Audition 7 Result

(NST_OFFICIAL) ParsuBhandari SSP_ArJunXatri SRGMP_BISAL143 MTMPsantoshThapa Me_BaSant 1 HomarPun aryalpurna 12 SMT milan MonikaJanam anandrai55 NNG_SunishGurung brishnansinjali NSEG_saugat Icchya_grg Mar_F10th SSLG_Yamkhanal Sang_jeeten ritika_rai3 (NST_JOJO) nabin_rai bramkhanal Subash_55rai babuchamling SawroSebk RoseGrg59 Roman_magar SSLG_passangRai ooo_BESTIE_11SF Rameshlar DevBhandari1 ABCS_Raidipen 1_michaelGurung MaxyTibbat Maadup KishorRumba Bantawa_Santosh AnillSubba88 Nepali_man Raidipesh6 EjinRai Benod67 sadhana_tulasi (NST KTMROCKY) fffg_sshishir Nimays bivek123 HumbleAssassin Shaggythapa BiruMagar10_NP SING_shresthada99 […]

Birshu Bhanchhu Timilai- Melina Rai

Vocal: Melina Rai Lyrics: Aruna Rumba Moktan (NST Member) Music: Rajesh Thapa Arranger: Suman Chhetri Models: Suresh Titung, Suzu Tamang, Raazan, Rabi and Doma Edit: Praveen Hirachan (SK MEDIA – Tokyo, Japan) Camera / Direction: Om Prakash Gurung

Malai Nasodha Cover by Kesh Gurung

Originally Performed by Narayan Gopal Song – Malai Nasodha Cover by Kesh Gurung Audio/Video – Gharmai Studios

Sare Sare (From the movie Bir Bikram) Cover by Shikhal Bhujel and Vess Gurung

Originally Performed by Tara Prakash Limbu , Dipa Lama Song – Sare Sare (From the movie Bir Bikram) Cover by Shikhal Bhujel and Vess Gurung Audio/Video – Gharmai Studios

Main rahoon ya narahoon Cover by Rupen Lama

Originally Performed by Amaal Mallik, Armaan Malik Song – Main rahoon ya narahoon Cover by Rupen Lama Video – Gharmai Studios

Kasari Vanu ma Cover by Shikhal Bhujel

Originally Performed by Sadhana Sargam Song – Kasari Vanu ma Cover by Shikhal Bhujel Audio/Video – Gharmai Studios

Boldaina tyo timro tasbir Cover by Rupen

Originally Performed by Rupen Lama Song -Boldaina tyo timro tasbir Video – Gharmai Studios

Phool Vaye Cover by Bhuwan Acharya

Originally Performed by Kumar Sanu Song -Phool Vaye Cover by Bhuwan Acharya Audio/Video – Gharmai Studios

Navana mero Cover by Kesh Gurung

Location : Taudaha Originally Performed by Adrian Pradhan Song – Navana mero Cover by Kesh Gurung Audio/Video – Gharmai Studios

Hello and Namaste to our very own viewers and the followers. We are pleased to announce our next new project 「NST On Smule! LIVE」with NST_Bibash. Every First and Last Saturdays of Each Month @ Nepali Time 8PM. 「NST On Smule! LIVE」is a Facebook LIVE Program where we will play the selected vidoes of our NSTIANS […]

Top 12 Nominated Contestants for Cover Song Competition

  Top 12  nominated contestants for the  “Competition for Cover Songs” ; #NST MEMBERS: NST_Alkazrai NST_Bhuwan NST_KessG NST_SantoshRai NST_Sabeemlama NST_Samikshya NST_TikaMagar   #NON NST MEMBERS: NNG_Thamangrg2 navinshanker6 SabeemLama5128 SangamLama1 SINGPranezXettri   For More Information: us @   

स्वर्गीय स्वर सम्राट नारायण गोपाल २७ औं स्मृति-दिवस समारोह #LIVE

स्वर्गीय स्वर सम्राट नारायण गोपाल २७ औं स्मृति-दिवस समारोह १९ मंसिर २०७४ (December 5, 2017) Thanks to: Sadip Samarpan Rai #LiveFromNarayanGopalChok #TeamNST

NST Competition For Cover Song

NST Competition For Cover Song नमस्कार NST मेम्बेरहरु लगायत सम्पुर्ण संगीतप्रेमि साथीहरुमा NST ले पहिला पनि साङ्गितिक क्षेत्रमा विभिन्न किसिमका कार्यक्रम साथै प्रतियोगिता गर्दै आएको कुरा सबैमा अबगत नै छ। र यहि सिलसिलामा अब पनि NST ले यहि मिति 20 November 2017 देखि 31 December सम्म Cover Song प्रतियोगिता सुरु गर्न लागि रहेको हुदा यो […]


Blues Fiction Original Singer: Sugam Pokhrel/Anju Panta Lyrics/Music: Arjun Pokharel cover by: CHAIYENYEN

Second anniversary of NST

Hello everyone, Namaste. First of all, I would like to wish you all very Happy second anniversary of NST. Let me tell you some interesting things regarding NST. When NST was founded in 1st NOV 2015 , Smule wasn’t as advanced as it is now. There were no such features to communicate with others, very […]

With Mana, Shido’s biological little sister

Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Becca takes her chance at making sure to avoid the mistakes she’s made since 1995. All supposed “strategizing” usually ends up being “destroy all enemies” or “destroy X”. See Everybody Loves Raymond below for examples. Fair Cop: The main character Patricia Wagon has some legs on her. “Searchers after […]

The advantage to this is price

But I can tell you the legend of Campbell is growing almost to mythic proportions. Consider that Thursday during the CBS national pregame show, former Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher gushed about Campbell and talked about how tough the guy is. Cowher told about how Campbell made his players go through an Oklahoma drill during his […]

Gibb/The Good Student, Bring It On: All Or Nothing and I

No real personality, motivations or backstory, just ridiculous amounts of power in one package. Except for the fact that she’s slightly less vicious than a shoebox full of puppies. They spend almost all their time toge. Sound of No Damage: Invulnerable targets will resound with a metallic “ping” when shot. Big “NO!”: Max does this […]