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With Mana, Shido’s biological little sister

Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Becca takes her chance at making sure to avoid the mistakes she’s made since 1995. All supposed “strategizing” usually ends up being “destroy all enemies” or “destroy X”. See Everybody Loves Raymond below for examples. Fair Cop: The main character Patricia Wagon has some legs on her. “Searchers after […]

The advantage to this is price

But I can tell you the legend of Campbell is growing almost to mythic proportions. Consider that Thursday during the CBS national pregame show, former Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher gushed about Campbell and talked about how tough the guy is. Cowher told about how Campbell made his players go through an Oklahoma drill during his […]

Gibb/The Good Student, Bring It On: All Or Nothing and I

No real personality, motivations or backstory, just ridiculous amounts of power in one package. Except for the fact that she’s slightly less vicious than a shoebox full of puppies. They spend almost all their time toge. Sound of No Damage: Invulnerable targets will resound with a metallic “ping” when shot. Big “NO!”: Max does this […]

” Heavily Armored Mook: Hunters are nearly invincible unless

As it says in game: “This is suicide.” Heavily Armored Mook: Hunters are nearly invincible unless you can shoot them in their orange weak spots, you hit them with enough grenades, or happen to have a rocket launcher. Suicide as Comedy: Poor Sayo chan in the manga regularly tries to hang herself, but either […]

Several strips later, Walter Replica Designer Handbags reveals

Love, along with Velvet Sky, would go on to form The Beautiful People, which became a staple of the company’s “knockout” division.. This case is more than it seems, however in the next episode it turns out that one of the people he’s haunting really is his mother. Understandable, Kaitou was created first and […]

Replica Valentino Handbags Allied vehicles

Everything’s Deader with Zombies: In the final arc. He Was Right There All Along: The big room with black tentacles and camera zoom out in the Organic region. Usually used as nothing more than a device to highlight the realism/grittiness/cynicism of the setting.. These curses come as a Valentino Replica Handbags unique brand. The hidden […]

Sometimes, it’s for a more mundane reason

Subverted due to a translation error in Digimon Adventure with WarGreymon’s attack. Sometimes, it’s for a more mundane reason. The Polar Express: Things like the rolling stock bending around a mountain peak or a 100% decline, the length of the train keeps varying from five to about a dozen coaches etc etc. The rest of […]

That being said, Bryan did use Brie’s real last name when he

Et Tu, Brute?: Trixie’s reaction when she realizes that Helping Hoof is aiding Checker in ruining her, albeit unwillingly. That being said, Bryan did use Brie’s real last name when he proposed to her. Even the breaking and entering plays into her showing up in their house in the film’s final minutes. Morning Phase […]

In The Mystery of Marie Roget

Does This Remind You of Anything?: The silent auction disguised as an innocent game of Bingo game has some pretty overt shared imagery with slave auctions. In The Mystery of Marie Roget, Lola Saunie never appeared in the original, nor did the unnamed lighthouse keeper. Doctor Who (referred to in game as Doctor Who: […]

I was lucky to have been born to the people that I was

The APEX approach is less concerned with accommodation and resolution and more with pain and pride. A replica of one of Atlanta’s first black owned businesses, the Yates Milton Drug Store, is in its main space, jarringly shared with a cutaway display of the inside of a slave ship. A temporary exhibition of artwork, from […]