नोट: एक जनाले एक दिनमा एउटा मात्र भोट गर्न पाउने छ ।

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Nepalese Sing Together – NST is group of singers from all over the world who love to sing.
Our main purpose is to unite all those singers and grow together. Our slogan in nepali language is “हामी एक हौं” which means “We Are One”.

A Brief Introduction About NST

When was founded in 1st NOV 2015 , Smule wasn’t as advanced as it is now. There were no such features to communicate with others, very few nepalese users were in smule, huge lack of tracks for nepali songs and so on.

That’s why NST founder Vess Gurung took the step to unite and organize all Nepelese smule singers and created a facebook group by giving name Nepalese Smule Sing Group(NSSG). Since it was early stage, the group didn’t make progress as expected.

After that, keeping aims to give own unique identity to nepali smule users and singers, we added Rakshya Bhandari and Shanti Tamang Pakhrin as Founders and renamed the Group to Nepalese Smule Singer(NSS) .

Click here to know more about us and read special message from our founder.


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